Pet Potty Training Spray

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Are you constantly cleaning your pets' pee & poo all over the house and can't seem to teach them where to go? Pet Potty Training Spray is the solution to make potty training a total breeze!
It has a unique attractant scent that helps teach pups and cats where to go. Our Training Spray uses the same principles that causes them to mark territories in the wild.
Whether indoors or outdoors, keep your area from smelling bad. A well trained pet is a happy pet - just don't forget to reward them!



✔ Train your Pets of All Ages: Potty train your small pups to adult using the same principles that causes them to mark their territory in the wild.
✔ For Indoors or Outdoors: Works at outdoor areas, artificial grass, puppy pads, and litter boxes.
✔ Unique Attractant Scent: Formulated with attractant pheromone scent, detectable only by dog's delicate senses, encourages dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed.
✔ Simple to Use: Determine the preferred place for your pet to urinate. For best results, do not change the area. Lightly spray puppy pad or artificial turf and don't forget to reward.
✔ Non-Toxic & Safe: Made with sustainable ingredients safe for puppies, dogs, and cats. Has long-lasting concentrated formula.


Ingredients: Deionized water, proprietary attractant scent, preservatives
Net Weight: 30 ml


1 x Pet Potty Training Spray